Young Lions of Judah Program

We invite you and your family
to join our new youth program called
at this time
why use New Beginnings?
A fresh start for the youth in St. Augustine
Pastor John Beaird is currently mentoring 
and partcipating in the New Beginnings group.
The group is a time of fun, fellowship, followed
by Pastor John personally teaching, talking and letting the teens ask hard questions.
ages 12 - 18yr.

Your teen doesn't have to be a member
to come and participate.  
If you have questions or want more 
information call us 
(904) 827-9731

Its Goals:

        To reach the youth of the community and teach 
them the Lords' Torah 

        To teach the young person how to pray 
to God and for each other

       The importance of praise and worship 
in their daily lives

       How to be young girls and boys after Gods' 
own  heart

       To learn to read and write Hebrew early 
and prepare for Bat/Bar Mitzvah as they grow.

       How to dance before the Lord in worship

       How to intercede in prayer for friends and family

Learn how to share Yeshua with 
others for the Kingdom of God

         Provide a place of learning and sharing of their                 thoughts and experiences with God
Young Lions of Judah attend 
Erev Shabbat Service 
Fridays at 7:00 pm 
Praise & Worship followed by 
age appropriate Torah instruction in the Young Lions Den


Presented as a weekly activity
for kids based on the weekly Torah portion and teaches Torah principals from a Messianice perspective through questions, fun activities and puzzles. The program also includes a Hebrew letter from the aleph-bet all related to the specific Torah Portion.
All children invited to learn
scriptures from a Messianic perspective.