When I Say I am Messianic

When I say I am Messianic, I am not hollering I am Jewish.
I am whispering, I was in need of Yeshua Messiah to graft me in.

When I say I am Messianic, I am not saying I eat Kosher.
I am eating to live because I am the temple of the
Ruach Ha Kodesh.

When I say I am Messianic, I am not speaking with pride.
I am confessing that I need Yeshua to be my shepherd.

When I say I am Messianic, I am not saying the Torah saves.
I am saying I needs HIS instruction on how to live

When I say I am Messianic, I am not claiming to be perfect
My flaws are visible and Adonai believes I am HIS.

When I say I am Messianic, I still feel pain and suffer.
I can share my heartaches and call on HIS Name.

When I say I am Messianic, I am not holier then thou.
I am just a sinner who received Adonai's grace and acceptance.

When I say I am Messianic, I am not less or more than others.
I am just a believer that accepts Yeshua as my Jewish Messiah.

When I say I am Messianic, I am not saying I am always right.
I admit I know so little and I am still learning to walk in HIS WORD.

When I say I am Messianic, I am not saying others are wrong.
I am saying that my walk and focus in on Adonai only.

When I say I am Messianic, I am not saying to follow traditions of men.
I am saying that I only follow THE ONE who sits on the Throne.

When I say I am Messianic, I am not saying I celebrate Jewish Holidays. 
I am saying that I love to celebrate the appointed times of HIS Feast.

Prophetic Words
(delivered by Marty Wilkinson)


Daughter of Zion, hear the cry of my heart.  It is a cry of love to you.
How I long to take you into the shelter of my arms and hold you from all
danger.  Oh, if you could feel the depths of my heart toward you!  My
innermost being is consumed with love for you.

There is a place of hope within me that I am call you to.  Hope in me
will cause you to rejoice.  The world will grow hopeless but in me there
is hope.  Do not be cast down - hear my heart of love for you.

Every beat of my heart says, COME.  Come to me my beloved.  Place
your hope in me.  All is not lost.  Do not let your hope be deferred
do not let your heart be sick.

Listen to my heart! It is beating for you.  It is calling to you. 
Come, return to your first love!!

Hopelessness will tell you I no longer desire you.  But I say, my
love is unconditional.
Hopelessness will say I am not longer with you.  But I say, I will
never leave you or forsake you!
Hopelessness will say you must carry your burdens.  But I say, cast
all your cares upon me, because I care for you.
Hopelessness will say there is no help for you in God.  But I say,
I am the glory and lifter of your head.
Hopelessness will say there is no G-d.  But I say, I AM- I am
the same yesterday, today and forever!!

If you would only come and pour yourself upon me, you would begin
to grasp the love I have for you.  Nothing or no one can quench my love
for you.  Nothing above the earth or below the earth can stop my love.

I am calling for you to come, taste and see that I am good.  Let me give
you my love for I am the giver of perfect love.  Come and receive

Proverbs 13:2
Psalms 62:8
Peter 5:7
Hebrews 13:8
Jeremiah 29:11-13

(received by Mary Wilkinson)

Great and mighty are the words of my hands, I AM!
I am the same yesterday, today and forever.... there is none like me.

Take pleasure in my voice
Take pleasure in my ways
Take pleasure in my word
Take pleasure in my glory
Take pleasure in my might
Take pleasure in my love for you

I give you beauty, strength, joy, hope and peace.  Every step you take is
ordered by me.  No one can fathom my love because my love is infinite.
I am not a god who has no eyes to see; no ears to hear; no lips to
speak!  I AM
I am a living God.  I look at my people, I hear their cries and I speak
to their hearts.
I am not a silent G-d.  I long to speak to my people; to set them free
from captivity, heal their broken hearts, release them from bondage
and cause them to walk in the path of my ways.

I have a long arm and it stretches froth to my people to draw
them to myself.

My love is never ending!  I AM!!

Psalm 16:11
Hebrews 13:8


We know that throughout scripture angels are mentioned. G-ds' servants sent to deliver messages, minister and warn.  Angels appear in some very unusual circumstances and places in scripture.  This ministry does not worship nor believe in angel worship in any way, shape or form.  

During Shabbat Service April 6, 2007 we were in worship and had stopped the music and began to pray in the Spirit.  Many people were out of town this night visiting family for Passover.  We prayed in the Spirit and stopped but Pastor John urged us to continue alittle longer.  During this time we continue to minister to G-d in our heavenly language  ( the music was still off and there no sound heard).  A beautiful chorus like sound began towards the ceiling.  I personally got up from the sound board to see where the sound was coming from walking all about the room from side to side listening to peoples voices and realizing that we had been blessed with G-ds' angels joining in our worship.

Everyone present heard the voices and the sounds and at first thought it was music coming from the sound board but of course the sound board was not being used and no music was coming through.  This was not taped since no microphones were on and it was not something you would expect.  It was just beautiful and such a joy to know that the angels joined in this night.

I hope this blesses and encourages your walk this day.

Pastor Joyce Beaird
"Resurrection Power"
(received by Marty Wilkinson)

Let my salvation rest in you today!  Let my resurrection power reside in you today!

My salvation is not a single act in your life--it is on-going, it is continuous.  As my salvation rest upon you today may you be healed, may you be delivered, may you be restored to dwell safely with me.  Let my salvation help you in all you set your hand to do.  Let my salvation rest upon you to give you a sound mind.  Let my salvation ease your burden.  I AM SALVATION!

Salvation come to set my people free--it is not a one-time experience; it is a life-time experience.  Rest in my salvation.

As you rest in my salvation, resurrection power will be revealed to you.  The same power that raised me from the dead resides in you.

Power to stand when all around you is falling....
Power to speak my word...
Power over the adversary who seeks to destroy you.

My people call upon my name to be saved, to have their names written in the Book of Life, but then go no further.  They rest only in that part of my salvation.  They wonder why they are weak when trials and temptations come and why they cannot stand against the enemy.  They fail to understand that my salvation is a continuous act-it is constantly in motion.

My salvation will heal them today and will heal them tomorrow...
My salvation will deliver them today and will deliver them tomorrow.

My people do not have to be weak and defeated.  I have given them everything they need to be strong and powerful.  Let my salvation complete you and my resurrection empower you today!
1 Chronicles 29: 11-12
Philippians 3:10
John 11:25
1Peter 1:3-7

received by Marty Wilkinson

I have set before you a table in the presence of your enemy.  Come and sit at my table.  I have placed all you need on the table before you.  There is new wine to partake of--a new covenant which cannot be broken.  There is the bread of life to eat -  it will strengthen you and cause you to walk in my ways.  The bread of my presence is on the table to assure you I will never leave or forsake you.

Come, eat and drink of me!  I do this in the presence of the enemy so you will know my delivering power.  As you sit with me, as you take me into your being, no harm will befall you.  The table represents all I  can be in your life.  The presence of the enemy represent the world.  You are in the world (in the presence of evil) but you are not of the world (you sit with me in heavenly places)!

People walk around the table but they do not sit down and partake of what is available for them to be over comers in this world.  Being preoccupied with other things causes them to just walk by.  Some stop for a brief time but do not stay on a daily basis.  Everything they need is at my table.

Come to the table of the Lord.  Draw strength, peace, wisdom, power and might at my table.  And even though your enemy is present, you will have no fear because you are with me and I am with you!
Psalm 23:5
John 4:14
John 6:35